Custom Show Design, Logos and Programming

    Laser Light Shows that are not triggered live to music and are pre-programmed are called "canned", or " stock" shows. Laser Wizardry has a show library of over 100 of these stock shows and also custom programs shows from scratch, to fit a client's musical request or the theme the show is centered on.

    Logos can be digitized and incorporated into a laser show program centered around a corporate identity, festival theme or name in up to 16.7 million possible colors.

    Custom shows can be created to accompany any piece of music, or even synchronized to videos for high end multi-media applications. The typical "stand alone laser show" as seen as the highlight to a corporate function or festival is typically 12-18 minutes long, usually composed of 3 or 4 relatively short songs so as to not exceed the average persons attention span.

    Feature-length shows, such as our "Dark Side Of The Moon" planetarium-style show are typically 40-60 minutes in length. These shows generally are intended to be longer and more targeted for a "sit-down" audience than the shorter style shows that work best for most events.