Concerts and Dance Events

    Laser Wizardry has provided lasers for a wide variety of musical performances ranging from ballrooms and small ampitheatres to large scale stadium concerts. No Stage is too big or too small for Laser Wizardry to perform a memorable laser light show to highlight the performance.

    Laser Wizardry has spent thousands of hours perfecting the art of adding lasers to Concerts, Clubs, Raves, and other dance events such as Graduation, Prom, and Homecoming.

    Whether you need a single laser effect behind a band or DJ, or want a dazzling array of laser beams, Laser Wizardry has the right lasers for the job.

    Our solid state laser show systems no longer have the restraints of needing cooling water and large scaffolding or the use of fragile glass fiber optic cables to get lasers into remote projector locations. Our systems are compact enough to mount virtually anywhere they need to be.