Laser Wizardry was founded during the spring of 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona by Karl Rothweiler as a division of the Rothweiler Corporation, a group of over half a dozen family owned businesses. This was only after years of learning the artform by working with some of the masters and pioneers of the laser show industry and spending thousands of hours researching laser technology as well as building what would be a simplistic laser show system when compared to our current equipment.

    Since first working with lasers in 1991, Karl has performed hundreds of laser light shows at a wide range of events, everything from auto shows, school assemblies and choir performances to concerts, clubs and all night dance parties. Footage of Laser Wizardry concert and dance shows have been used on local and national television productions as well as several DVD productions including an episode of "Girls Gone Wild" that filmed in October of 2005 at the now-closed Arizona Beach Club.

    There have been many highlights along the way, but the most significant achievement of Karl Rothweiler´s laser career so far has been winning the 1st Place Brewster Award in the beams category at the year 2000 Laser F/X Light Show Conference.

    Karl has also been published in several industry magazines and newsletters as well as provided high quality laser optics cleaning supplies to industrial, medical, scientific, and entertainment laser users through a sister company, Prometheus Photonics.